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Club Touring

The Alternate Experience....


Since my first years of cycling in my adult years I have always have been interested in doing a cross country tour some day. The estimated target date would be when I retired in 2017 from my current position at Clifty Engineering & Tool Co. Since the beginning of my adult cycling I have been riding to work for around 28 years. Besides saving fuel it has help me stay in realative good health.

Ever since I have made a target year that I would plan the cross country trip, I had been doing several things..

First is joining the "Adventure Cycling" Organization.

Second was to sign on with the "Crazy Guy on a Bike" site to read journals of other cyclist who have made the trip or similar adventures.

Third is to do a short 3 day 2 night ride in our area of Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. This short adventure riding has helped my teach myself of how to do it. This short tour includes camping only. I use this trip to teach myself what to take, how to carry my gear and understanding my route and experience the whole thing.


2014 was the first time I made my yearly trip with others. Mickey Waller (our club president) and Marty Leiske made a trip with me in Ohio. To read about that trip go here..


For 2015 we are planning another adventure. Possibly could be five of us. Plans are still in the making.


If you wish to read some of my touring journals on "Crazy Guy on a Bike" CLICK HERE.

This page is some what a personal page that I wish share with you the experience of this alterantive style of cycling. I will be sharing with you links and ideas of how you can enjoy the same experience.


Please check back as I update this with pictures and links that might spark your interest...

Tom's tour 2015

I have just completed my Camping tour for 2015. This was fun, hot and challanging riding event. I have learned some good and bad things. I would like to share with you my journey through a website called 'Crazy Guy on a Bike" Click here to see my Journal

Ride the Fault !!!

Our club president Mickey Waller received an email from the "Silver Wheels Bike Club" in Cleveland, Oh. to announce an interesting ride you might want to do this summer. 

This riding event is a supported tour that goes for 7 days and 6 nights. This tour follows 7 states that treks the "Madrid Fault" for a total distance of 400 miles.

The cost is $425 per person, which includes SAG, breakfast, camping, etc.

Note: The deadliine for this price is 1/31/16 

Interesting Video to Watch..

If you are interested in touring and are wanting to know about what type of touring are there and how to do it, take a look at the vodeo. Video runs close to 45 minutes, but it offers very valuable information

A great friend of mine...

On May 26th, 2015 a great friend of mine David Goodrich who I met in 2011 as he was treking across the USA had made contact with me again to advise me that he was doing another tour. He asked if he could stop by and visit Madison as a rest day. This time he was traveling from Jackson, Missiissippi to Canada. This trek started on May 11th, 2015 and is still going on. His projected time to make his final destination will be June 13th, 2015.

Here is his personal journal that you can share his experience. Feel free to look at and enjoy. You might also want to review his other adventures.



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