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Just under the gun..

President Mickey Waller was under the deadline of reaching his 5,000 mile goal. Today December 26th he had a break in the weather and was able to do it. Along for ride with Mickey was Byron Nagel. Their ride went to Lexington, In to "LeRoys" Country Store. The picture was taken with the American flag in the background.


As Byron describes in his ride report....


The weather break gave Mickey the window to meet his goal of 5000 miles for the year. He needed 34.6 to reach his goal and we road to Lexington for making the goal. The American flag flies in the background as Mickey raises his bike in a celebratory stop on 450W about 1/2 mile south of Chicken Road. The landowner came out on his porch and ask if we were having trouble. I yelled back that we taking pictures to commemorate Mickeys 5000 mile goal, and he proceeded with an applause.
It was a cool day, but a welcomed sunny, enjoyable late December day.

2014 Club Christmas Party Event...


On December 12th, 2014 Marty and Denise Leiske opened their home to share the holiday spirit with the Madison Area Bicycle Club members. As 2014 being maybe our biggest year EVER, the fellowhip was overwhelming. Plenty of food and conversation was had.


Two special awards were handed out this year. Not sure how much pride one would take of this, but One member had received both. One award was the "Road Rash Award" and the other was "Most Miles Ridden in Kentucky" Dave Fleming won both. His wife Mary who has some Kentucky background was pround of the guy...


Here are some pictures to share with you taken by Tom Pritchard. if others have pictures to share please contact Tom to let him update on our site.


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