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2023 Membership Details

Membership Includes:

1. Exclusive email updates on rides and current events.

2. Meeting other folks with similar interest.

3. Rides of all kinds: casual, on and off-road, touring, short rides, overnight and all day rides.

4. Fitness: because you always ride more when your friends are going, too. Social gatherings, picnics, parties, and other fun stuff.

All new and current members MUST fill out a new form each year!!!

Join Today !!!

Madison Area Bicycle Club

P.O. Box 951

Madison, Indiana 47250

Click below for printable              membership form

Payment option: US Mail 


1. Download and print the "Membership Application"

2. Fill out completely and mail to our P.O. Box 951, Madison, Indiana 47250 

3. Include a check with the selected membership you wish to purchase.


 If you have more than one additional household member, the membership fee will be $30 for initial member + $10 for first additional household member + $5 for each additional household member. For example, membership fees for a family of four would be $50 ($30 + $10 + $5 + $5 = $50).

Please consider membership for your entire family as this represents the best value and provides the club with additional revenue to meet our increasing financial obligations.


Dues are payable by May 1st, 2023. (We keep our overhead and dues low, so we don’t pro-rate part-year memberships.)


If you like to run as well as cycling? Madison Area Run Club has offered all bike club members a $5 membership discount. 

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